A controversial book on breastfeeding

A controversial book on breastfeeding

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The pediatrician Gonzalez Cano (Pediatric Service and Director of the Nutrition Unit of the General Hospital of Castellón, Spain), could not present his book. The reason: a group of mothers who support breastfeeding, alerted by the content of their book, came to breastfeed their children in public as a measure of pressure. The presentation had to wait, but not the book, which is still sold under the title 'Victims of breastfeeding. Neither dogmatism nor trenches!'

The book has unleashed the ire of hard-core advocates of breastfeeding beyond the child's first year of age. The doctor assures, among other things, that prolonging breastfeeding as the only food for more than six months causes anemia and rickets in children, in addition to increasing the oedipus complex. The controversy is served.

The doctor Jose Maria Gonzalez Cano defends in his book the gradual weaning from four months, by incorporating the first cereal porridge, and the withdrawal of definitive breastfeeding after six months. Their arguments: 'there are no nutritional benefits for the child by maintaining breastfeeding beyond six months'.

The breastfeeding advocates were quick to react. They collected in record time more than 10,000 signatures against this book and their pressure was such that they not only managed to boycott the presentation of the book, but the same Hospital where the pediatrician works, has disassociated itself from everything it says.

However, many other women support the pediatrician, all of whom have felt at some point a 'bad mother' for not being able to breastfeed their child. All those who felt the pressure of breastfeeding as mandatory, which they had to comply with despite the problems. The pediatric Gonzalez Cano says it makes no sense to 'force a mother who has hypogalactia or cracked nipples to breastfeed a child'.

The doctor is not against breastfeeding, but against 'misunderstood breastfeeding'. And he defends, throughout his writing, the 'freedom of the mother to choose the type of diet for her child'.

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