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Like father like daughter

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It has always been said in my house that I am attached to my father, not only in his way of being as in his way of living life. As the years go by, I realize that they are absolutely right.

I am proud to have 'inherited' some of his virtues and values, and even his character traits. They have helped me choose good paths in my life. But why do daughters tend to look so much like their fathers?

A study recently came out, presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology in New Orleans, which reveals that an unequal education, that is, sexist, influences the social and labor aspirations of girls. Equality between the sexes is only transmitted to children, through example. Attitudes speak much louder than words.

The study affirms that the most determining factor for the behavior of girls is not the example set by the mother, but the father. The daughters of non-sexist parents tend to have broader interests, beyond what society determines as to what is for girls or boys. They are more prone to breaking topics when it comes to toys (dolls) and colors (pink). With his behavior, the father projects the type of woman his daughter is expected to become.

The more sexist the father's attitude, the more conformist his daughter will be. The research concludes that women, even those who work outside the home, have more domestic tasks and tend to sacrifice their working careers for family obligations, thus their choices are not as free as they think when choosing a career path. The study also concludes that no matter how ambitious and promising their careers are, women are more willing to leave them and are content to accept jobs with fewer hours and less prestige, to care for their families. What do you think?

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