Day of Saint Lucio, February 18. Names for boys

Day of Saint Lucio, February 18. Names for boys

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Lucio is a name for a boy of Latin origin that means "light". Although it is not as frequent a name as its feminine Lucia, it is perfect for your child, especially if he was born with the first light of the morning, thus following the tradition of giving this name to all children born at dawn.

He celebrates his name day on February 18, which is the day of San Lucio.

The name Lucio implies a sensitive and emotional personality and to a certain extent reserved. His emotionality makes him need to feel very close to his family and friends, something that does not prevent him from taking the initiative on occasions or undertaking any new activity. Because Lucio is also restless and curious, with great intellectual and creative gifts.

The name of your child is known all over the world, but it is used mainly in Spanish-speaking countries and in Italy, where it is a very frequent name. It is an ideal name because it gives a certain elegance and height and as it is not widely heard, it becomes an original name but not extravagant.

Lucio is a name that inevitably evokes the tradition of ancient Rome. There are many historical figures named Lucio such as consuls, historians, soldiers like Lucio Cornelio Scipio and even Catilina himself, so reviled by Cicero, was called Lucio Sergio Catilina.

The Roman world also left us prominent figures such as the writer Lucio Apuleyo, author of "The Golden Ass", who stands as the forerunner of the later picaresque novel. Also the versatile Stoic philosopher Seneca, originally from Córdoba, bore the name of your son, Lucio Anneo Seneca. And Lucio Aurelio Comodo Antonino was the emperor who appears as the protagonist of the well-known film “Gladiator”.

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