How to detect if a child has a learning disorder

How to detect if a child has a learning disorder

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When a child begins to bring bad results from school, it does not always have to be related to their behavior, or to being more or less absent-minded. Sometimes. it is a symptom that you have a learning disability such as dyslexia or dysgraphia.

The essential thing in these cases is to detect as soon as possible if the child's poor school performance is a consequence of some major problem such as a learning disorder. If you want to know what signs you should be attentive to to know if your child suffers from any, we give you some simple guidelines recommended by the experts at Innea.

Attention to these warning signs that can make us suspect that our child has some type of learning problem:

- If you see that your son abuses counting on his fingers, help him improve his mental math by making him calculate, for example, the change in the grocery store purchase. If you don't get better over time and, in addition, you confuse the mathematical signs, you probably have a problem such as dyscalculia.

- Does your child have trouble spelling words? Test him by asking him to spell words of 8 letters, then 7, etc. If you see that it costs him excessively, thatdoes not dare to read aloud and confuses certain letters when reading, it may be a dyslexia disorder.

- You feel thatyour son ignores you and constantly repeats an attitude even though you have already scolded him for it? Are you having trouble concentrating on a task and don't think before you act? Surely they are symptoms of undiagnosed ADHD, it is best that you go to a specialist to address your case in a multidisciplinary way and help you control your impulses.

- Even if you detect symptoms ofdyslexia or dysgraphiadon't worry if he is not 8 years old yet, because at that age they are still learning to read and write and it is normal that it costs them. However, if you see that he gets older and keeps confusing letters and numbers, then it is likely that you do have one of these disorders.

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