The main problems in children's teeth

The main problems in children's teeth

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All of us who are concerned about the oral health of the little ones usually look at the things that most attract our attention. In general, everything that is out of the ordinary is pathological, but when in doubt we must consult the professional.

We list here the main causes of visits to the dentist by children.

1. Cavities: They are a very frequent problem (18% of 3-year-olds in Spain have cavities, and this percentage rises to 40% in children up to 5 years of age). If we are used to looking at the mouth and teeth of our children when brushing them, any spot, any hole, will be detected very early and can be solved in a less invasive and more effective way. Any white lesion It must be reviewed by the dentist to rule out or confirm what it is and put the solution if necessary. A black hole is already a caries with a longer evolution and a worse prognosis.

2. Crowded teeth: Many parents consult when their child is already overcrowded, when it is already evident that the teeth are badly positioned, and it is often quite late. From an early age, it is possible to foresee if there may be problems with space in the mouth so that all the teeth are correctly aligned. If, for example, all the milk teeth are close together, with no free spaces between them, it is very possible that the final teeth will not fit in the mouth, since the latter are much larger than the milk teeth. To erupt correctly, permanent teeth and molars need to occupy the place of the milk teeth plus the free space between tooth and tooth. They need space. They need the bone to be properly developed. But the development of the bone depends on the function of the bone. And there is two things necessary for bone to develop: food and respiration.

3. Incorrect feeding causes bone problems:children do not eat properly and do not breathe properly. The first orthodontic appliance that all children need, all, is their mother's breast. Breastfeeding for at least a year is associated with fewer malocclusions. The muscles are trained by doing very frequent exercises, many times a day, and very intense, which tone the orofacial muscles and that allows the harmonious growth of bones and joints of the face. Later, after the child's first milk tooth erupts, the baby is usually neurologically ready to start chewing. Starting complementary feeding with purees, yogurts, bananas, croquettes, meatballs, sliced ​​bread, cookies and other foods that do not require chewing causes the bone to not develop. He does not need it. What does a child want teeth for who is not using them? Suckling for at least one year and chewing are two irreplaceable functions for the body.

4. Breathing and poor tooth placement: The diseases derived from mouth breathing in children are extremely prevalent: otitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, vegetations, reflux, headaches, apneas, snoring, scoliosis, and a long etcetera are a direct consequence of not breathing through the nose regularly , and not to close the lips at rest. And of course, the first injured are the teeth, which are placed where they can best in a bone that has been structurally transformed for respiration.

Any functional alteration that is diagnosed early will require a much simpler and more effective treatment and will have a better long-term prognosis. Only from healthy children can we get healthy adults.

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