Baby's first shoes

Baby's first shoes

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During the first months of life, babies do not need shoes, despite the fact that many manufacturers produce numbers adapted to them and we see many children under one year who already wear shoes. Actually some socks or booties is the only need that the baby's little foot has until it starts to walk. This way, you can move your feet easily and be more comfortable.

Even when the baby begins to crawl, it is not necessary to wear shoes, as this will make it difficult for them to move. Non-slip socks or even bare feet are the most appropriate.

When the baby begins to take its first steps, it is the moment when we must buy its first pair of shoes. It is convenient not to buy the prettiest, nor the cheapest and, of course, never put those inherited from a brother or cousin. Ideally, shoes should have these characteristics:

- That are skin because this material is flexible and allows the baby's foot to breathe.

- The last of the shoe must be wide and flexible front and rounded so that the child can move his fingers well inside the shoe.

- It is convenient that the instep part is made with soft skin to avoid rubbing or injuring your foot.

- The sole must be anti-slip and flexible.

- A few years ago there was a tendency to buy boots for babies who were starting to walk so that they had their feet and ankles well secured. Today this theory is banished and precisely the experts indicate that the height of the shoe must not exceed the ankle to allow the baby to move it.

- The shoes should be light, not too heavy to make it easier for the baby to take his first steps.

As for the shoe size, the ideal is that there is 1.5 centimeters between the longest toe (the big or the next) the baby and the shoe. As the foot grows quickly in childhood, it should be loose, although it should never be a size larger than what you need because the foot would dance inside.

It is advisable to check the size of the shoe from time to time and buy the next pair as soon as it fits, without rushing time to avoid tightening the shoes and causing any damage to the foot.

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