Bullying What children say through their body

Bullying What children say through their body

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In the numerous emails that we receive in our newsroom, we observe that the issue of bullying is one of those that most worries and worries parents. A mother tells us that her 8-year-old son does not want to go to school. He cries, clings to her, and complains that his head hurts, his belly hurts, and so on every morning. The mother takes him to the doctor and he tells her that the child has nothing, then the mother suspects that the child does not want to go to school because he is afraid, has a phobia and no longer has doubts: "something has happened."

This mother tells us that she tried to talk to her son, offer him a calm and safe environment for him to express himself, but nothing was achieved. The mother thinks and begins to gather the strings. It has been months since her son 'invents' things for him to avoid going to school, that he is not so interested in his studies, that his academic grades dropped and that the tutor, in the last meeting, told him that her son was not participating and was he was very quiet and reserved in class. From that, the mother has no doubts. The problem is at school and he asks himself: "Is it that my son suffers from bullying?"

It may be that something really happened at school, but the child cannot identify or give names. Bullying is like termites, those insects that eat wood. Bullying is inhibiting and destroying the safety, strength, self-esteem, illusion, confidence and freedom of children, giving rise to fear, insecurity, pain, lack of autonomy and inability to react in children. Children don't complain just to complain. Many times physical pain is not just due to a blow, a fall or illness. They can be the expression of a pain that is "deep inside", hidden inside children.

At 8 years old, not all children know how to take control of their problems and conflicts. They recognize what is wrong, but do not know how to react to it. This occurs not only due to bullying, but also due to situations such as the divorce of the parents, the loss of a loved one, a change of home or school, etc. When we have a problem and we cannot express it, we remain like a sick bird, without singing. Learning to listen not only to what children say but also to their bodies, will help us to get to know them and to guide them in a better way.

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