Changes in the digestive system in pregnancy

Changes in the digestive system in pregnancy

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The digestive problems in pregnancy they are undoubtedly the most frequent discomforts that pregnant women ask about in their medical center.

Pregnancy produces many digestive symptoms, the vast majority are not considered health problems at first, despite the fact that some can become so to certain degrees.

The change in the nutritional appetites of the pregnant woman is popular knowledge, and these can be highly variable, both due to its increase and decrease. Likewise, the appearance of what are known as 'cravings', an intense desire to eat a particular food or type of food and the rejection of other foods, however.

- Nausea and vomiting: Due to the significant hormonal change that occurs, women, among others, often report nausea and vomiting, which occur mainly in the 1st quarter. They are produced by the hormone BHCG, the pregnancy diagnostic hormone. They are treatable but in the most intense cases, in which the pregnant women do not tolerate any food, they may require hospital admission.

- Constipation: Hormones they also mediate relaxation of the smooth muscles of the entire gastrointestinal tract. For example in constipation andheartburn -burners- suffered by some pregnant women. Both symptoms are also influenced by the compression made by the uterus as it grows on the intestine or stomach, in addition to the alteration of dietary habits.

- Hemorrhoids: The compression that the uterus produces on the intestine and the hemorrhoidal plexuses also favors the appearance of hemorrhoids.

- Problems in the mouth: It also influences the increase in vascularization and hypertrophy in the mucous membranes: the appearance of of epulis - tumors in the gums-.

Consult your midwife what measures you can take to alleviate these discomforts. She can advise you on all aspects of your pregnancy.

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