Conformist kids

Conformist kids

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Conformity has always been accompanied by comfort, it is an emotional endurance that blocks the struggle to achieve what you really want in life. Conformist children learn to be conformist when they grow up in an environment in which they see daily as their parents or adults they do not fight for their interests, nor for their morality, nor do they know how to deal with problems properly.

There are those who think that conformity is a way of being happy, but it really is a happiness that masks a low self-esteem, since children who settle for everything they let themselves be carried away by the people around them ... with all that that entails when they reach ages as complicated as adolescence.

A conformist child is a child who finds it difficult to make real decisions by himself because everything seems fine to him, without criteria and without anyone encouraging his critical thinking, something that will undoubtedly be vetoing his autonomy in maturational development.

Those who consider that it is an effective way to be happy and from their point of view may feel that it is not a bad thing, but it really is. Many adults think that being a nonconformist is a way of rebelling against society and for this reason considers it negative, 'not following the masses' can be an uncomfortable situation. But there are cases and cases, for example in road traffic, both children and adults must be conformists because 'it is what there is'.

But in other circumstances of life where children and people may have the ability to make decisions, conformism can be a big problem to have a good and appropriate development. Conformity does not allow to express opinions that you really have but that are not in accordance with the group, and what is really achieved with that?

Therefore, children are conformist because they are carried away by the decisions that the majority make for them because they find the following aspects in this way of being:

- Social approval.

- Social acceptance.

- Conflicts with others are avoided.

But they will also feel a big negative part that it can negatively influence your person and personality development:

- If you do not act as you really are or how you think you should act, a dissonance or discomfort is created inside, something that is supported in the short term but that if it continues to be supported can create serious emotional problems and behavior changes.

- Conformity vetoes the innate creativity of people by accepting what is imposed.

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