The most common mistakes made by new mothers

The most common mistakes made by new mothers

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Coming home with my baby in my arms was a wonderful experience, but also hard and difficult, especially during the first week. I had just faced the delivery and immediately afterwards I had to be ready to take care of my baby. Everything cannot be and it is normal for the downturn to appear When you can't do it all

And it is to take care of your baby, when you have just given birth, involves a huge physical, mental and emotional effort. Most of us tend to push forward instinctively, lest they think that we are not good mothers or because we are not less than everyone else, but in the long run this is not good. Admitting our limitations, requesting help from family or friends, during those first weeks after delivery, helps us to overcome the situation and does not make us weaker. Recognizing that we are tired and that inexperience makes caring for the baby overwhelming and distressing shows that we are sensible.

As if that were not enough, as a result of our inexperience, we tend to become obsessed with being overprotective towards our baby and we make mistakes that not only complicate our lives, but also can endanger the health of our child. One of them and, above all, now with the cold, is wrap him up too much. Swaddling the baby in clothing and blankets has been shown to increase the risk of sudden death and suffocation. If you are home with the heating and the temperature is around 22 degrees, with a cotton bodysuit and a romper that covers your feet, it will be warm and will not get cold.

Another mistake is insist on sterilizing everything until the baby is one year old. Hygiene is essential, but do not be obsessed, because the total absence of bacteria prevents you from developing your own defenses. In this line we also move when we prefer that no one touches him, to prevent something from being infected and making him sick. It is advisable to act with common sense and avoid that a sick person takes the baby, but without applying this rule also to the healthy.

Bathe him every dayDuring the first weeks of life, it is not necessary either because the fatty layer of the skin is altered with the bath. Doing it two or three times a week is enough. And if you are concerned about the characteristics of your baby's hair, avoid shaving her hair. Dermatologists assure that it is not true that it grows stronger and, instead, the shaving produces a loss of heat by the head.

The routine that you maintain with your baby, from the beginning, will also mark your relationship with him in the future. So, for example, if you insist that the whole house is quiet when you sleep, any noise will startle him and, from now on, it will be increasingly difficult for you to interrupt the activity of the house when he sleeps. It is also not recommended to put him in bed, if you are not a fan of co-sleeping, when he does not want to sleep in the crib.

And finally, change breast before emptying the first It goes against the natural laws of breastfeeding, since the final milk is the most nourishing and satisfying because it has more fat than the first. To establish adequate lactation, you must suckle and empty both breasts.

These are just some of the most common mistakes we make as new mothers, but there are sure to be many more.

Marisol New.

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