Prenatal depression affects the development of the baby

Prenatal depression affects the development of the baby

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Many times during a pregnancy, women are the last to receive support and care. Babies often take center stage in the story, leaving behind all the emotional problems that their mothers may have.

Depression is one such example. A woman can be depressed during pregnancy without anyone ever detecting it. They may mistake depression for tiredness, stress, or another medical condition.

If they knew that prepartum depression can have bad consequences for the unborn baby, perhaps they would study more deeply the symptoms of depression in women and help them overcome it. Not only postpartum depression but depression before delivery can create cognitive development problems in the baby.

A study carried out in the United Kingdom suggests that women who are depressed during pregnancy tend to have babies with a slower rate of development usual. The scientists examined the cases of approximately 11,000 women who had children between 1991 and 1992. They assessed the level of depression that the woman presented during pregnancy and then observed the relationship between this condition and any developmental problems in the child. The conclusion was none other than that women with persistent depression during pregnancy were 50% more likely to have children with certain problems, and to give birth to a premature baby.

When a woman suffers from depression during pregnancy, it is very likely that she will continue to suffer from it after giving birth. Considering this possibility, doctors believe that attention to pregnant women should be increased. Sometimes just knowing what you have can represent an improvement in the mother's condition. For this, it is important that not only the doctor, such as nurses or midwives, are attentive to the problem and that they know how to give the mother the necessary support and help.

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