Plaque developers in children. Dental cleaning

Plaque developers in children. Dental cleaning

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Tooth brushing must be thorough and effective. If we do not clean all the teeth on all their surfaces, including interdental ones, we are exposed to cavities and gingivitis with the tranquility and confidence that having brushed already gives us, believing that we have done it well.

With our children we also have the difficulty that they do not let themselves be brushed easily, we have to distract them so that they keep their mouths open and take as little time as possible. Sometimes, then, we settle for having put the brush in our mouth, having taken four strokes and four sweeps, and that's it. We don't think about how sticky sugar is, the delicacy for cariogenic bacteria. Very sticky and a simple brush stroke does not remove all food debris. To give us an idea, remember the chapapote on the rocks: that black and viscous substance in the mouth turns out to be whitish, and being the same color as the tooth, sometimes we do not eliminate it completely.

Checking the quality of brushing is quite easy if plaque developers are used. These products stain the plaque that we have not removed despite all efforts, either because we have forgotten to go through certain areas, or because we have not insisted enough. Staining with a plaque developer will reveal it coloring in a fuchsia pink the areas in which we must insist more.

The way of use is as follows: first we brush the child as we usually do. Then the plate developer. In babies it can be done with the product in the form of drops, wetting a cotton ball and brushing all the teeth. In older children sucking half a tablet for a couple of minutes and then spitting and rinsing, once, to remove the excess. And we observe and look, if possible with the help of good light and a small makeup mirror (a mirror like the one that dentists have would be ideal). We have to brush the intensely dyed areas again. Then we go back to brushing and we check again. We will be surprised how sometimes the third time is not the charm.

We can repeat this test every 3-4 days until we see that we do better, and we can distance its performance.

If parents use plaque developer in our own mouths, we will see the difficulty of the matter and we will understand the importance of personally brushing children under 6-7 years of age and supervising it until 12-13. It is also particularly useful in orthodontic patients. So from now on we will not have excuses to see an atom of dirt in the mouth.

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