Stories to teach children to dress

Stories to teach children to dress

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One of the first difficulties children encounter as they grow up is dressing. It is certainly an important step in achieving more autonomy and independence. Perhaps these books will help you explain to your child how to simply dress himself.

1. Getting dressed

In the morning, the underpants, the socks, the T-shirt, the sweater, the pants, which it seems that he does not want to be put on ... Alex seems to be playing dress-up, although in reality he is learning to dress. This story, which repeats itself day by day and is often endless, aims to teach and entertain children and give parents guidelines to get the little ones to start learning to dress themselves, one more step in their acquisition of autonomy. With pedagogical guide at the end of the book.

2. Little bear gets dressed
David Wojtowycz
What does Bear wear when he goes to the pool? And when you go to a costume party or go to sleep? Find the clothes that correspond to each situation. Use the colored ribbons as a clue. Then mix the clothes to play again.

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