Oily fish recipes for children with Omega 3

Oily fish recipes for children with Omega 3

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Oily fish is one of the foods that is most recommended in balanced diets, especially in the case of children. Along with many nutrients that this type of fish provides, its content in Omega 3 stands out, polyunsaturated essential fatty acids that the body does not produce by itself and we must, therefore, incorporate it through the diet.

Fish such as salmon, tuna or bonito are included in this category, and with them we have prepared some of the recipes that our site makes available for you to include in your children's lunch or dinner.

Try blue fish in different recipes: grilled, baked ... always with simple and healthy recipes for children.

Salmon papillote. The salmon papillote can be prepared in less than 10 minutes and then, to grill, it will only take about 15 more. A recipe that can be prepared for both lunch and dinner for children.

Salmon sushi. Sushi recipe for children. How to make sushi for children. Japanese recipes for children. Traditional Japanese sushi recipe. Japanese sushi for children. Fish recipes for children.

Salmon with cava. A plate rich in protein and Omega 3, to take care of the health of your family even at Christmas dinner. This salmon in cava gives you nutrients and also has a very special flavor. Salmon recipe for children.

Salmon and cheese rolls. If you want a light starter that is easy to prepare, you have these smoked salmon and cheese rolls. A recipe for children with many vitamins and nutrients, low in fat to control childhood obesity.

Spirals stuffed with tuna. When you have to organize a birthday party or any other type, choose the spirals stuffed with tuna, a recipe for children with which you will succeed. easy tuna rolls recipe

Sardine burger. A simple and very inexpensive recipe: sardine burgers. The sardine is a highly recommended blue fish in the diet of children. Thanks to its rich source of omega-3, it helps to lower cholesterol levels, preventing cardiovascular diseases.

Baked tuna dumplings. We propose a recipe for children of still baked dumplings, nutritious and exquisite at the same time for the whole family's dinner. Easy recipe for tuna dumplings for children. How to make baked dumplings.

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