When the pregnant woman's belly button comes out

When the pregnant woman's belly button comes out

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It looks like a small button in the middle of a huge belly. In fact, many children are tempted to pressure him. In some pregnant women, it is really striking. And some fear that they will never return to their being. But the navel returns, of course it returns (not so much the skin on the abdomen, much more difficult to tame after delivery).

But at what point does the navel leave its hole and shoot out like a spring? Does it happen before or after that dark line (the linea alba) appears along the belly?

The pregnant woman's body changes for weeks: it swells (retains fluids), breast volume increases, skin stretches little by little ... And there comes a time when the volume of the uterus is such that it presses on that little memory that we still have left of our umbilical cord. The navel no longer has space and pops out like a small button.

This happens in the third trimester of pregnancy, from approximately week 28 (7 months of gestation), long after that dark line appeared (it is not seen in all pregnant women), called linea alba. If you look at full-term pregnant women, you will see that very few retain their navel as it was before pregnancy. The vast majority have seen the belly button stick out, even how it moves every time the baby hits it with the hand or foot.

Apparently, the one that is more or less noticeable too depends on the elasticity of the skin and the flaccidity of the muscles of the pregnant woman. If the pregnant woman has more flaccid muscles, the navel will come out more easily.

The next question that a pregnant woman asks herself is: will the navel stay like this or will it return to its previous state? Luckily there are things that return to their being after delivery. One of them is the navel. In very few cases there is a case of umbilical hernia. This is produced by an over-exhaustion of the abdominal muscles. In that case a soft lump appears and a lot of pain and surgery is required.

But the normal thing is that as soon as the abdominal muscles lose the tension that pushed the navel out, it will return to its place (although there are women who say that it changes its appearance). Nevertheless There are other changes that leave their mark on the pregnant woman: Stretch marks, varicose veins, spots on the skin and yes, that terrible 'tripilla' that appears like a pellejin despite the Pilates exercises, aerobics and swimming.

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