The Danger and Risks of Giving Nuts to Young Children

The Danger and Risks of Giving Nuts to Young Children

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There are times of the year, like autumn and Christmas, that taste like chestnuts, walnuts ... They are so good! Interest in these nuts increases mainly in schools and kindergartens in some countries where, as every year, the chestnut festival is celebrated, when children learn to know these foods. Children love nuts, but unfortunately few parents and educators are still unaware of the risk of choking and suffocation that eating these fruits represents for children.

Children under the age of five should not eat nuts. Consequently, there is a risk that these products are aspirated through the child's lung, from the mouth to the respiratory tract, instead of passing through the digestive tract, obstructing the child's airway and producing immediate asphyxia with infection of the one or more areas of the lung. The child will begin to cough, show symptoms of suffocation, a picture that can lead to death.

Almonds, peanuts or olives are one of the most demanded snacks by parents. Children involuntarily learn to eat the same thing. In this case, if you have small children at home, the ideal would be to change your appetizer for chips, canapes or cold cuts. Doctors say that at this time of year, outpatient care increases for very serious cases of children with nuts inside the bronchi and in the lung.

Nuts for toddlers, just crushed and ground ones. Never whole. In any case, if you have become confused and notice that after eating a chestnut your child begins to cough, breathe badly and that his face and lips turn purple, take him immediately to the emergency room and at the same time react by resorting to some techniques of first aid.

Perform strong blows on your child's back to provoke the cough and subsequent expulsion of the chestnut. If that doesn't work, try compressing the child's stomach tightly, hugging him from behind.

Apart from the risk of choking, there is also the risk of allergies. Allergists point out that it is important to avoid nuts before 3 years of age. Although it seems somewhat harmless, what many people do not know is that allergy to nuts is one of the most dangerous and persistent and that the greater consumption of sweets made with nuts increases the number of allergic reactions among children, especially In Christmas.

The reactions and the first symptoms that can develop in children with allergy to nuts after their ingestion include urticaria, angioedema, asthma, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, digestive symptoms or anaphylactic reactions. In some cases, if medication is not acted on in time, the consequences can be fatal. So be very careful what young children eat.

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