Decorate the children's room with vinyls

Decorate the children's room with vinyls

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The vinyls are in fashion! And there are so many different models and styles that the biggest problem you are going to have when using them will be choosing one. We are going to give you some tips on how to place them and how to remove them if you have already placed it for a long time. And we are also going to explain how you can make a vinyl with the image that you want.

A decorative vinyl is an adhesive film with shapes that are already pre-cut and that are placed on a smooth surface such as walls, glass, wood, metals ... and thus create a more personal and unique atmosphere. They are made up of three layers: the vinyl, a protective paper on the back and a carrier or transfer paper on the front of the vinyl to make installation easier


1- Prepare the surface where it will be placed it will be free of dust or grease. If you have painted recently, it should take at least 2 weeks to put the vinyl.

2- Lay the vinyl on a flat surface and stretch it. Rub with a dry cloth for greater adherence.

3- Test on the wall to make sure of its position and use masking tape to secure it

4- Go by removing the back protective paper from top to bottom while pressing with a dry cloth to adhere the vinyl to the wall. Do it little by little so that there are no bubbles.

5- Once placed start to remove the previous transfer taking special care in areas where the vinyl is narrower.


To remove a decorative vinyl you must start slowly pulling one corner and lifting it little by little. Sometimes when the vinyl takes a long time the paint can lift, so to avoid this, heat with a hair dryer and remove it little by little.

If you have found a drawing that you like and you want to turn it into a vinyl, you can do two things: take it to a specialized store to have it made or do it yourself by following these simple steps:

1- Choose a simple design (especially if it is the first time) and print it on paper.

2- Buy self adhesive vinyl paper or aironfix. You will be able to find it in various colors and textures and make interesting combinations. You can also buy it transparent to color it as you prefer.

3- Trace or copy the drawing on the back of the aironfix and color it if necessary. Make sure you do it correctly so that when you stick it, you don't have it upside down.

4- Cut it out and peel off the back to stick. If it is very large, use the gluing technique explained above.

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