Recover the silhouette after childbirth

Recover the silhouette after childbirth

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Yesterday I met a friend who is pregnant with her third child. "The baby is phenomenal, but I'm so fat! I don't know how I'm going to get rid of this tremendous waist circumference," she would tell me. We have to be realistic and know that just after giving birth we will not have a wonderful silhouette, or even acceptable. Our abdomen and abdominal muscles are still unrecognizable (our uterus is still very dilated).

I remember when my first child was born, that a colleague from work who came to visit me in the hospital, made my day happy by saying: But what kind of regimen have you done that you have lost so much weight? Of course, it was a very witty joke because as soon as you give birth you still have a tummy as if you were 5 or 6 months old, even though we have already lost a lot of weight (easily 5 or 6 kilos). But if our diet has been and continues to be correct, if we have not accumulated extra kilos during pregnancy, the expected silhouette is not that far.

For women who have gained a reasonable weight for their constitution, maintain a correct diet, moderate exercise or they breastfeed, they will only need a couple of months to look like palm hearts again. Some, even those who were quite thin or had flat chests, may now be more exuberant than ever.

Losing weight at first is easy, since logically we do not shed the child's weight, plus the placenta, more fluids and blood volume, but the last few kilos are the ones that we will lose the slowest and many times the loss of the extra kilo will not occur until the baby is weaned.

To accelerate this process of weight loss, we can reduce our calorie intake somewhat without hindering milk production, remember that it is advisable to eat about 500 more calories during lactation. Breastfeeding also provides a faster recovery for the woman, helps the uterus return to its original state and produces a significant caloric waste.

Likewise, we must accompany the weight loss with physical exercise, especially with abdominal exercises so that the muscles return to being functional and we tone up the natural distension that occurs in the muscles and skin of the abdomen in pregnancy.

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