Banana mousse, sweet and light dessert

Banana mousse, sweet and light dessert

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Simple and quick desserts to prepare are often the most popular with children and adults. To have fun with the children in the kitchen you have this recipe for banana mousse, a sweet but very light dessert.

Children will love its texture and flavor, and you can encourage them to eat fruit if they don't like it. It is also a good recipe for pregnant women, due to its high content of folic acid and calcium, which benefits the growth of the baby. our site brings us the step by step of this exquisite dessert.

  • 500 gr. of bananas
  • 300 ml. cream or heavy cream (35% fat)
  • 75 gr. of sugar
  • 1 lemon

Tips: To decorate you can use colored noodles for children or chocolate shavings for adults, and reserve a little of the whipped cream to put on top.

1. Peel and chop the bananas, sprinkle them with the lemon juice so that they do not rust. Put them in the blender glass and blend them into a puree.

2. Whisk the cream with the whisk until firm, adding the sugar little by little and being careful not to overdo it so that the mixture is not cut.

3. Mix the banana puree with the whipped cream, stirring with enveloping movements until a homogeneous mousse is formed.

4. Leave one hour in the fridge to cool before serving. Decorate to taste.

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