What is a bone marrow transplant in children

What is a bone marrow transplant in children

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When we think of a bone marrow transplant, we do not usually imagine that many times, it is a child who needs it. However, it also occurs among the smallest, either because they suffer from some type of cancer such as leukemia, lymphoma or myeloma; diseases such as some type of anemia, thalassemia or immunodeficiency syndrome; or because a chemotherapy treatment destroyed your bone marrow.

In the world, more thanone million transplants in children and adults. Thanks to the work of hospitals and associations, there are already 22 million voluntary donors and 500,000 units of umbilical cord blood available. And it is that, the work of diffusion and awareness of the society on the marrow transplants is fundamental to be able to help the patients who need them.

One of the hospitals where this type of transplant is performed is the Niño Jesús University Children's Hospital, in Madrid, exclusively pediatric, where more than 800 bone marrow transplants have already been performed for babies, children and adolescents.

In the hospital they know the importance of the family and the child knowing at all times the procedure to be performed, which is why they have carried out an excellent initiative.

The Niño Jesús Hospital, in collaboration with the Atresmedia Foundation They have made a magnificent video to explain to children and their parents what a bone marrow transplant is and what it consists of.

1. When the bone marrow does not work well, it must be replaced by one that is capable of producing healthy cells.

2. The first thing to do is a chemotherapy treatment to eliminate the cells that do not work.

3. Doctors have to look for healthy cells that look like yours, either among your relatives, among donor banks or even sometimes they are healthy cells from the umbilical cord. The cells are collected with a special machine in order to do the transplant.

4. You can also remove your own cells with a machine, remove those that are diseased and only reinsert the good ones. It is like a blood transfusion.

5. During the duration of the treatment, it is necessary to be isolated to avoid infections, to practice good hygiene and to continue eating very well to get strong.

6. When the cord is working well, the isolation is over and ... we can go home!

7. Afterwards, you will only have to return periodically to the hospital to carry out some check-ups and take the medication prescribed by the doctor.

Source: Niño Jesús Children's University Hospital

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Video: Medical student meets 4-year-old boy he saved with a bone marrow donation (July 2022).


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