Bathing the child. When to go from the bathtub to the shower

Bathing the child. When to go from the bathtub to the shower

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Bathing is a magical time for children. Since they are babies, it becomes in a moment of relaxation and enjoyment. As they grow older, the moment of relaxation turns into fun. And it is not strange that the child wants to stay in the water longer than recommended. But, what about the shower? Can it be an alternative to the bathroom? From what age can I shower the child?

It is normal for the child to associate bath time with fun. It is a medium where they play and develop their imagination in a thousand ways. The bathroom has many benefits for children, not just physical. In addition to helping to maintain proper hygiene for our child, it stimulates their imagination and provides a moment of relaxation. However, dermatologists recommend that the bath does not last more than 20 minutes, that the water is not too hot, but warm and that it is not daily, because the skin receives an excess of water that all it does is dry it out. What's more, bathing too much can also destroy the skin's protective barrier (the acid, hydro-lipid and corneal mantle). So what alternative do I have?

The shower offers many advantages. It is true that the child can no longer play as he did in the bathtub, but instead he will be able to shower daily and the skin will not become so dry. In reality the shower does not understand ages. You can start showering from the beginning, although pediatricians recommend that in the first months we opt for the bath, because it is more relaxing for the baby and much easier for the mother. A good time to move the child from the bath to the shower is when he begins to walk and is already supporting himself without the need for help. The shower will become a basic hygiene ritual. Slowly you can teach him to take the sponge and clean his whole body. Thus, when they are five or six years old, they will be able to do it alone (although always supervised and with help).

From the age of 10 they will be able to wash their hair by themselves and they will not need help. Until then, you will have to give him a hand when rubbing his head.

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