The peteca. Brazil game for children

The peteca. Brazil game for children

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Peteca is not only a children's game as a sport declared official in Brazil. Of indigenous origin, the word Peteca means (in Tupí) to hit or hit with the hand. It is an artifact similar to the Badminton shuttlecock, filled with fluff to make it light, and with feathers.

The brazilian peteca It has become very popular in other countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom.

The peteca began to be elaborated and used by the indigenous population as a recreational and sports activity to gain heat during the coldest season. The tradition of playing peteca has been passed down through the years, until it became a sport. In Europe, this sport is known as indiaca.

1. Peteca as a game. As a game, it is simply played between two or more children, freely. It is played on any terrain that offers spaces where children can move without problems. The sand on the beach, for example, is one of the settings chosen by children to play peteca. It is also played on grassy terrain, to prevent children from hurting themselves if they fall.

For play peteca the children form a circle with at least three members. The starter must hold the peteca with one hand and hit it from the bottom up with the other hand, throwing it at the playmates. The next player hits the peteca passing it to another and this continues until someone drops the peteca and has to exit the game. The winner of the game will be the one who has not dropped the peteca even once.

2. Peteca as a sport. Peteca is played with the hand and in a way very similar to that of Badminton and Volleyball. As a sport, it is played on a dirt or concrete court, divided by a net and with each team of players on each side. You can play peteca as a couple or in a group and with the same rules as a tennis game. As a sport, it is played on a court with a variable net according to the age and sex of the participants.

A peteca is put into play through a serve, in which the player hits the peteca with one hand so that it passes over the net. The peteca must be played to the other half of the court with a single touch, and before it touches the ground, it must be returned by a single touch.

In general, the advantage system is used for counting points. Each match is played in sets, which end when one of the two teams reaches 12 points or after 20 minutes of play. The participant who wins two sets first wins the match. Another important detail is that after the serve, the point must be finished in 30 seconds, or else the advantage is reversed.

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