Tortilla recipes for kids

Tortilla recipes for kids

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Varieties of tortillas to cook step by step


The kitchen is the best place to innovate, especially to find dishes to the taste of children. One of them is the potato omelette with chorizo, an easy and very quick recipe to prepare for both lunches and snacks for the little ones in the house.

Although we all think that tortillas are savory dishes, there are also recipes to turn them into sweet desserts. One of them is the breadcrumb omelette recipe, a delicacy made with egg, bread, wine, sugar and cinnamon.

The French omelette sandwich is a classic on children's excursions. The speed with which it is prepared is an advantage for parents, and also, it is usually the favorite of children when it comes to taking it to the field.

In addition to onion or chorizo, the potato omelette can be filled with any type of ingredients. One of them is tuna or bonito, perfect for children to acquire the nutrients from fish.

The omelette is a dish that is very popular with children. Its flavor and the smoothness of its texture make it one of the favorite foods, especially at dinner time. In addition, there are exquisite varieties of tortilla like the one we show you below, filled with cherry tomatoes and goat cheese.

If what you are looking for is an easy recipe to prepare for dinner, the spinach, pepper and cheese omelette that we show you in Guiainfantil is the one. This dish rich in folic acid and calcium is highly recommended for both children and pregnant women.

When we are sick, the appetite is the first thing to go away. With ailments like gastroenteritis, children refuse to eat so we have to make them soft and attractive dishes. One of them is this simple French omelette with breadcrumbs that we show you in Guiainfantil.

If what you want is a recipe for light and nutritious dinners, the zucchini and ham omelette is the one. Its preparation is very simple and it is also a very complete dish full of nutrients and vitamins ideal for children.

The French omelette is a very light dish, ideal for both lunch and dinner. In addition, it is very simple to prepare and you can add a wide variety of ingredients. The ham and cheese French omelette is one of the most classic when it comes to cooking this dish.

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