How to treat styes in children

How to treat styes in children

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If your child has a granite that hurts in the eyelid, very close to the eyelashes, surely it is a stye. It is nothing more than a mild inflammation in the skin. But, once located, what can we do? The normal thing is that our son complains a lot and tends to touch the area that hurts and itches. But this is precisely the first thing we have to try to avoid. If we let it rub the eyelid, will only make the situation worse.

The good news is that most styes disappear spontaneously. However, we can also help so that the inflammation of the skin diminishes and the stye disappear faster. The treatment is very simple: it consists of applying moistened heat compresses to the eyelid of the child. 10 or 15 minutes will suffice. They are applied between 3 and 4 times a day. You can soak them with an infusion of chamomile. It is soothing and will help reduce swelling.

The pediatrician he can also prescribe one ointment or a antibiotic eye drops for the affected area. You will have to give it to him until the stye.

With these treatments, the stye it will disappear in a few days (between 3 and 7 days). If it does not remit, it is best to go back to the pediatrician, because in some cases the stye it becomes entrenched. And only in these cases, the doctor will have to open it to drain the infection.

- Never try to delete styes squeezing them. Besides being very painful, it could lead to a major infection.

- Make sure your child does not rub the inflamed area. It could lead to a 'reinfection' of stye.

To prevent them, it is best to maintain scrupulous hygiene in the area of ​​the eyelids. Wash your hands very well, and in the case of children prone to styes, wipe excess oil from the edges of the eyelids frequently.

Children who wear contact lenses will have to be very careful when putting on and taking off the lenses. It is highly recommended that you wash your hands very well every time you do it. If despite everything they get a stye, they will have to stop using the contact lenses until it disappears.

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