A Guide for Families with Autistic Children

A Guide for Families with Autistic Children

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When a family is diagnosed with autism, the first thing parents do is put their hands on their heads and wonder what to do. Normally it is the specialist who will inform you about the steps to follow, however, now, Autism Speaks, an organization that helps families with cases of autism, offers another alternative: a help manual to face a diagnosis of autism, week by week.

Through the 100 Day Manual, families will be able to receive basic information about autism and how to proceed after a diagnosis. If they wish to receive more personalized information, they will have to complete a short survey, and then a bilingual member of the autism response team will contact the family for additional information, and so on. adapt the manual to the needs of the family.

A week later, approximately, the family will receive the personalized manual, with specific resources, recreational activities, legal information, support groups that correspond to the age and region where the child resides, all oriented to their case. The family will learn to organize through a week plan per week for the next 100 days.

Families can also request or download the non-personalized manual from the Internet on the same website, without having to register. The basic manual includes, in addition to basic information about autism and procedures to consider after a diagnosis, a glossary of terminology, a safety plan, and a list of books and informational sites on the Internet.

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