Books to educate about the Internet and new technologies

Books to educate about the Internet and new technologies

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1. Easy internet for kids
Rosario Peña Pérez
This book has been specially designed so that children can learn about the Internet in an easy and fun way. Ideally, this book should be used by children as a practical guide accompanied by their teacher, parents, older siblings, etc. The child will discover in a tutored and direct way each of the Internet services, from opening an email account, sending messages to other children, playing when connected or downloading a game and then using it without being connected, to doing school work learning to look for good information, chat, etc.

2. Protect your children from the risks of the Internet and other technologies
Eva Rosario Martín Ibáñez, Juan Francisco Marcelo Rodao
Today, everyday life revolves around the Internet. Its advantages are multiple, and those who know them best and benefit from them are the smallest. However, the Internet also involves a series of risks and dangers that must be known to prevent our children from falling into them. This book will allow you to achieve a reasonable degree of security on the Internet without having to make too many expenses and with an effort that is acceptable for any user, even without computer skills. In it you will find numerous tutorials and the latest updates that will allow you to enjoy new technologies, both you and your children, with greater peace of mind.

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